Conspiracy Theories

Is there an Obama birth conspiracy theory?  Do you know about this?

Recently, this theory has resurfaced, and it is relevant in online posts and the evening news.  Other countries, Britain for one, are commenting about it.  Read the article at: The Guardian in relation to Obama’s birth certificate.

Wikipedia has a post about Obama birth conspiracy theories: Barack Obama Citizenship Conspiracy Theories

Why do people care about where Obama was  born?  Read the Daily Beast Post

Read the Discovery News article that addresses many of the Obama conspiracy theories: Discovery News

Read American Thinker for more conspiracy theories.

After you have read the articles above, write your own blog post that addresses this issue.  Include a hyperlink to the article that you believe is most relevant and discuss if you think the conspiracy theory is valid or not.

Get a Reality Check

1. Go to the State of Arkansas Online Career Website for Teens:
Click Enter Flash Site

2. Follow each step starting with the first step.  The directions on the website will tell you what to do.

3. When you get to the screen that tells you your average monthly expenses, click on the  link to find out Additional Monthly Expenses to Have a Family.
Write down on piece of paper the cost of additional monthly expenses to have a family.

4.  Exit out of the additional monthly expenses to have a family, and go back to the Total Expenses page. Write down your total expenses.

5.  Now click on Find Occupations that Match this Annual Salary.  Check the boxes for education and career clusters.  Read about the different careers that fit your salary requirement and interest.  After reading the descriptions, select the career that most interests you.

6. Go to your student blog page.

7. Create a new post called Reality Check tell your readers your Total Expenses and Best Career Choice.  Create a hyperlink to the real life Arkansas website then type up an answer these questions:

Did you need to get a Reality Check about the costs associated with living in the Real World?

Did the real life Arkansas website provide you with worthwhile information?


Watch the videos, read the articles, and take the learning styles tests in this post.  Discover what works for you in your own education.  Most of what we read and hear is negative when it comes to America’s public education system, but by focusing on positive aspects, change can also happen.  Let us know what works.  Use the planning sheet to decide what classes you want to video tape and what pictures you want to take.  We will compile all of your clips and images into one video production called What Works for Us, or if you can come up with a better title, we will name it that.  Be sure you have the permission form at all times in case you are stopped by a principal or teacher for video taping.

Consider the questions below as you read the articles and watch the videos.

1. “Many Americans can read but can’t comprehend” by E. D. Hirsch  – What classes provide the background knowledge you need to become a successful reader?

2. “Off the Record” by Ink Blogger a teenager from Ruston, LA – What classes challenge you to think for yourself?

3. Arne Duncan Little Rock, AR speechWhat classes are preparing you to compete on a Global level? What teachers are inspiring?

4.So You Think You Can Read? Rigor in Reading” by Dan Bruno NCTE SS Blog – What classes provide the rigor you need to be successful in the future?

5. What classes are meeting your learning style needs?

6. What classes use 21st Century tools to engage you as a learner?

7. What classes are enhancing your divergent thinking?

Google Earth Tour of a Foreign Country

Create a Google Earth Tour of your Third World Country

View directions for this assignment here.

Examples of personalized descriptive paragraphs for your Google Earth Tour.


Create links to your sources and post them on your blog page.

See my example:

I used the following sources to learn about Indonesia and create a Google Earth Tour:

Fact Monster

Bunaken National Park

Google Search Story

Create a Google Search Story about your country.

Consider the best way to search for information about your country and apply those techniques.   Read about Google Search to refresh what you have learned in class here: Google Search Features.  For more information, check out the Google Search Tips page.

Learn about Google Search Stories on The Official Google Blog.

Create a Google Search Story using Google Search terms.  Go to  Google Spreadsheet for Google Search.  Make a copy by going to File>Make a Copy. Put it in your RTN folder.  Add search terms and the type of search (see spreadsheet).  Considering what you have learned about search terms, focus on creating key searches.  Some ideas:  a map of tourist sites, images of famous leaders or monuments, books about the country, recent news stories, etc…

See Mrs. Seale’s Google Search Story about Romeo and Juliet and another Google Search Story about Indonesia.

Now, create your own Google Search Video.

About Me Page

Go to the blogs below and read the About Me page.

Now write your own About Me page using the examples as a model.

Next, create a page that says Blogroll.

Go to Google’s Blog Search and find blogs that you are interested in reading.  Make links to those blog pages on your Blogroll page.

Read the Net 2011 1st Post Assignment

Read about your country and its culture on the Culture Grams Database at Saline County Library.  Use the back of your library card to access this database or use the number I gave you in class.  Write a blog post about your country that tells your readers about the culture of your country and gives your readers a feel for what it is like to visit or live in that country.